Introducción a los Artículos de la Conferencia Ensminger


This edition contains papers from the recent conference entitled “Conferencia Internacional Ensminger para la Ganadería”. This conference was devoted to livestock production in Honduras and Latin America and featured ten presentations about cattle production by scientists from the United States, Canada and Colombia. The talks, and subsequent papers published in this issue, included information on beef and dairy cattle nutrition, health, reproduction, genetics, biotechnology and their applications for small holders. The conference was held May 13-14, 2016 at Zamorano University in Honduras and attended by nearly 300 livestock producers, industry personnel, students and faculty. The conference was jointly planned by Zamorano University and the Iowa State University as part of the Ensminger International Livestock Program. It also received financial support from various industry groups such as Inversiones MORAVIA, Soluciones Logísticas RAFEM, Grupo ALIANSA, ANAVIH and ZINPRO.